Induction of Labor

Induction of Labor A brief on what induction of labor includes so you have a starting point of what to look into to ensure you make an informed decision for yourself and your baby. The video covers:-Ways to induce-Risks of induction-Medical reasons for induction-How labor starts naturally-Things to be aware of when agreeing to […]

Cord Clamping & Birth Physiology

When is the optimal time for cord clamping and what happens with the cord blood? Understand how a baby first takes a breath! The first half of this video goes into detail about what happens in a baby’s body that allows them to breathe. Having this not-as-commonly-known knowledge will assist you to make an informed […]

VBAC Tips Video

A quick ( <7 minutes) video with advice on preparing for a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). The video covers some VBAC tips like the importance of your birth team, what to research and how to mentally prepare. As mentioned in the video, it’s so important to do research! Many resources are listed in thisĀ postĀ on […]