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Doula in Dubai

Hello!  My name is Yasmin and I’m a doula in Dubai, completing my certification in the first half of 2016.

My first child’s birth was in America via Cesarean because of breech presentation.  I had found a doctor willing and capable of delivering breech but he was out of town when my water broke! In the US, they do not teach how to deliver breech babies vaginally anymore so I was out of options.  This experience is likely a large part of what lead me to becoming a doula.  I started looking into my birthing options while pregnant with my second child and what would make me confident to go for a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean.

I found I really enjoyed researching the topics of pregnancy, childbirth, and child care that I just kept learning more and more.  What was I going to do with all this information I was collecting?  People needed to know!  I decided to become a doula because I really have this desire to get knowledge out to women and help them learn the amazing capabilities they have and the empowerment a birth can bring to their life. The culture we live in today puts such a fearful and painful image around labor I think it leads to so many women missing the opportunity to really enjoy and be excited about their birthing day.

Interested in learning more about what a doula is?  Read this article written for Nabta Health.  Also in Arabic.

I got into being a doula to provide all the information I can to mothers who would like to receive it.  I’m available for a chat anytime and am happy to help a mother find her inner strength and confidence to prepare for her baby’s birthing day. Please do not hesitate to get in touch!  


Doula in Dubai

Mama, Baby Hannah and I after a successful VBAC delivery!