Support a Breastfeeding Mom Video

Learn four easy ways to support a breastfeeding mom in this short video.

4 ways to support a breastfeeding mom:

  1. Set-up mother

    Provide many pillows and ensure the neck and head is supported. If doing a laid back position, mom’s hands should be free

  2. Serve her

    Provide water and healthy snacks. Enquire about her needs and ensure they are being met.

  3. Say something nice

    Be encouraging and complimentary. Show appreciation. Find compassion if she is struggling. Help find further breastfeeding support if needed; potentially from a lactation consultant, breastfeeding counsellor, or doula.

  4. Let mother rest

    Care for baby when not feeding. Burp the baby by supporting the head and gently rubbing upwards on the back and lightly tapping.

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