Cord Clamping & Birth Physiology

When is the optimal time for cord clamping and what happens with the cord blood?

Understand how a baby first takes a breath! The first half of this video goes into detail about what happens in a baby’s body that allows them to breathe. Having this not-as-commonly-known knowledge will assist you to make an informed decision over cord clamping.

Also learn about how birth hormones are released, how labor starts, what the difference is between baby’s born in water and on land. We also discuss the book “Birthing with Heart, the Birth of a Mother”.

This video is from a Birth Symposium, apologies in advance for some of the audio cuts and picture delays.

Stick around through the full video for some labor coping techniques and a few preparation ideas.

cord clamping
Find out more and how this pertains to cord clamping in the video!

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