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Frequently Asked Questions to Doulas

  • What made you choose to become a doula?

    An overwhelming desire to want to get information to women about how empowering the birth experience can be.

  • How did you do your training? Are you certified?

    I did my training through New Beginnings Doula Training, yes I am certified. I chose New Beginnings because it was convenient for my lifestyle by offering everything online and I could go my own pace. The course was also heavy with medical content including research papers, excellent resources, evidence based information, and an emphasis on keeping an open mind.  To be certified you also must attend live births which I thought was essential to better prepare for assisting during labor.

  • What is your birth philosophy?

    Every type of birth can be special and meaningful with the family remembering it very positively and that’s the main goal.  There are so many unhappy birth stories and regardless of turns a birth may take it can still be an empowering experience.

  • Have you ever worked with a doctor or midwife? How do you work together with care providers?

    Yes, everyone included on your birth team is there to support you and keep you and baby healthy. A doula works with your doctor and midwife to enhance your experience positively. Doulas provide some relief for the medical team and there is a mutual respect for the different aspects of care each is bringing to the birthing environment.

  • How many clients do you work with each month?

    At the moment, one per month.

  • What happens if you are unavailable? Do you have a backup doula? Is there a way for me to meet her?

    Yes depending on your due date and the availability of other Doulas I would try to arrange to have a backup and for you to have communication with her prior to your delivery month.

  • When do you tend to arrive at a birth, and how long do you stay afterwards? Are you available for support in early labor? What happens if I have a really long labor?

    Births are unpredictable and as such, I am prepared to be with you for the entire process regardless how fast or slow.  My arrival depends on when you call and when you would like additional presence.  Generally a doula will come prior to starting ‘active’ labor.  Pre-labor is usually handled in the comfort of your home with the ability to rest as long as possible.  I would stay to establish breast feeding (as requested) and ensure both mother and baby are comfortable; this is usually soon after transferring to the maternity ward.

  • How do you see your role as a doula?

    This varies greatly on the mother’s expectation and needs. My role will cater to what your needs are which are determined from our previous meetings and from reading the turns and communication during the birthing process.  Please see Birth Doula for what care includes.  One woman may want only information, another may want their husband to be fully prepared and supported, and most will want a mix of it all!

  • Do you assist with medicated births?

    Absolutely!  I’m here to support whatever type of birth you want. I’ve noticed a tendency as women learn more about the effects of medication and their own capabilities they tend to go into labor with an open mind about trying natural first and using medicated aid as they feel necessary throughout the process.  This is an entirely preferential choice and my role is to support you and the birth you imagine for yourself and your baby whatever that may be.

  • How do you see the role of husbands or partners in the birth when you are there as a doula?

    Again this varies greatly. I look at husbands and close birth partners as the most trusted person in the mother’s life and the greatest giver of love to the mother.  This person will show love to the mother in the most effective way during her time of need and it’s a beautiful and relationship building thing.

  • What happens if I need to have a cesarean birth?

    Doula care is helpful for all types of births. Cesareans are a major surgery and the mother still needs support emotionally and physically to get through preparation, the procedure, and the recovery.

  • Do you offer breastfeeding support?

    Yes, I’m a certified breastfeeding counselor. I also volunteer with the Breastfeeding Friends English Support line (+971508684417), a free service for breastfeeding assistance through phone calls and messaging.

  • When is a deposit or payment due?  Do you offer a payment plan?

    Full payment is due at the time of agreement. A payment plan will be agreed if the financial needs of the family require one.

  • What is your refund policy?

    50% refund if services are no longer required prior to 38 weeks.