VBAC: What are my options in Dubai

After just leaving a successful VBAC twins birth this morning I thought it’s about time I write about VBAC options in general seeing as how every birth I’ve attended thus far happens to have been a VBAC.  Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) has been conversation piece in the birth world for a while.  Some doctors for it, some against, both experts, who do you believe and what are the topic pieces surrounding it?

VBAC Mamas tend to be on their second or third pregnancy who now feel like the first and/or second birth was not as smooth as it could have been thanks to

  • the doctor they had not sharing their same views on birth and not knowing it until in labor,
  • not being fully informed about interventions prior to them occurring, or
  • trusting their doctor and not realizing ‘big baby, low fluid, deteriorating placenta, overdue, not progressing’ can be complete nonsense.

Risks of a VBAC

Uterine Rupture is the main risk with a VBAC.  It’s important to note this also happens to mothers without a previous cesarean and the occurrence of a rupture for any pregnant woman is 1 in 1416 (.07%). The full explanation of studies this is based on can be found on medscape.

Benefits of a VBAC

Benefits of a Trail of Labor after Cesearean (TOLAC) from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) are:

  • No abdominal surgery
  • Shorter recovery period
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Less blood loss

If you want to have more children, VBAC may help you avoid problems linked to multiple cesarean deliveries. These problems include hysterectomy, bowel or bladder injury, and certain problems with the placenta.

Benefits to a vaginal birth over a cesearean

  • Microbiome transfer to baby
  • Reduced respiratory problems for baby
  • Higher likely hood of skin-to-skin
  • Earlier breastfeeding

What a VBAC birth and pregnancy looks like in Dubai

In Dubai, wanting a VBAC means hunting for a doctor who will HONESTLY support it, not just say they will and then be very intervening on the big day.  If the words “I will let you try” are used, it may be wise to keep shopping.  In Dubai it also means “high risk” for the reason mentioned above.  The ‘high risk’ label generally means more or continuous monitoring, no waterbirths, no induction, and some arbitrary time limit.

Are you a good candidate to have a VBAC?

  • Over two years since last birth
  • The reason for previous CS was what I’ll refer to as ‘doctors excuse’ or an outcome of the cascading problems from hopping on the intervention train
  • Double stitching done on the scar
  • Positional issues previous birth

Prepare for your Dubai VBAC

  • Find a supportive doctor
  • Find a supportive hospital
  • Get a doula!
  • Know the interventions and your plan for accepting or declining
  • Read-up on resources, a good list can be found on Childbirth Connection 
  • Join a social media support group to ask for reviews on the first two points or Contact me

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