Essential Items

As a doula and mother I get asked frequently, “What do I need to buy for Baby?” So below I’ve put together a few lists, the Absolute essentials, the essential items that will keep everyone comfortable, and the extras that may come in handy.

Absolute Essential:

  • Carseat
  • Postpartum pads
  • Vitamin D drops

That is all and this is why, you can do Elimination Communication removing the need for diapers.  You can wash with just water for the first 2 months, removing the need for soap.  Don’t need to wear a bra, removing the need for nursing specific clothing. Intend to breastfeed, removing the need for bottles. Probably already have blankets, towels and rags, removing the need for baby specific ones or clothes for that matter.  Can co-sleep, removing the need for a crib. And really a carseat is debatable if you live in the wild, use metros and busses, or walk everywhere.

Comfortably Essential Items:

Not essential but could come in handy:

  • Comfortably Essential list
  • Bibs – for drool if it’s not so much you’d have to change the whole outfit anyway.
  • Pacifier – baby may or may not take one
  • Oil or Crème for stretch mark reduction during pregnancy
  • Stroller – one that lies back at least partially and has a sunshade.  Better if you can steer with one hand.
  • Sun hat
  • Strong nose bulb
  • A thermometer – forehead reading
  • Soft spit up rag (good for drool too)
  • Chiropractor
  • Breast pads
  • Breast Pump

My musings for the above:

Carseat– one that grows from infant to toddler. Be wary of super expensive ones, they all have to do the same testing and the hefty price tag doesn’t provide any extra lifesaving for your kid.  The safest option is rear facing for as long as possible, so if you want to keep your 2 year old rear facing, find the appropriate seat for it.

Postpartum pads – Maternity pads are the widest, but the economical choice is anything that’s marked super or overnight.  Feel free to overlap two pads too to create extra length.

Water spritzer – This is for postpartum use as you are urinating.  It doesn’t matter how your baby comes out, vaginal, tears, CS, peeing will feel weird and pouring water over yourself while urinating will be more comfortable. An old water bottle, or even just a cup of water would work. This is on the list just so you’re aware and prepared for your first postpartum pee.

Nursing clothing – For bras, all cotton and no cups are my personal favorite.  The shaped cups would get leaked on and deformed from bending them down all the time; I found them cumbersome and in my way.  With the cotton I could sleep comfortably and throw a rag in for extra leaky times as needed. I also like the ‘built in bra’ concept of nursing tops, same idea with no cups.  To cover an ‘outgoing’ nipple, a nursing pad will suffice.  If you’re looking for more professional or trendy clothing, check out Beautiful nursing accessible options you could wear even if you weren’t nursing.  Mitera is expanding to UAE from New York.

Baby carrier – check out reviews before buying for carriers that are good for your body frame.  Look for one with breastfeeding access and for one that will take a higher baby weight so you can keep the same one through toddler ages.  Carriers should have the babies knees above their hips (wide base).  Locally, Luxe Carriers will be happy to help you out with finding a carrier right for you.

Soap – Healthgate gifted me bochko baby shampoo and bar soap which I love.  Smells nice and feels gentle.  The bar soap gets a good lather from hardly any use and is lasting a really long time.  I was also gifted really lovely soap that’s no longer produced, but it is the reason I say expensive organic baby soap is a great registry gift item.  Not really necessary but nice to have some exquisite smelling baby products.

Potty equipment – There are a lot more options for this than you’d think.  There are diapers and there is Elimination Communication gear.  In diapers you can get cloth, disposable, or biodegradable eco friendly.  With EC you can get a potty, water proof mats, specific split pants.  You may want all of the above, you may want none, just putting the options out there.

Large swaddle blanket – this can double as a nursing cover too if you’re so inclined.  The large size is easier to swaddle with and will keep working as your baby grows.  I prefer the lightweight type as they’re not stiff and easier to tuck and maneuver for swaddling, shade cover, changing pad or nursing cover.

Sleeping Equipment – Even if you’re planning to co-sleep, you still may want something for naps, padding on the floor (Majlis or mattress).  This is on the list to work out what you will want for you.  It might even mean a swing for baby to nap in.  All of this can be decided after baby arrives because you cannot know in advance what they will and will not like.

Baby Clothing – Personally like the zip sleepers, fast and cover the whole body if baby isn’t keen on blankets. If you’re doing EC, separate pants and shirts are preferred for the day so you can just remove the bottoms.  I always advise to never actually buy clothing as that is what people give.

Baby Toys – Also don’t buy these, people will give them.  Having something to entertain them in the car for example is handy but note this could even be an empty water bottle or other soft items already on hand.  Babies are easily entertained.  I do not buy kid toys and the closet is still overflowing.

Breast pads – You may or may not be a leaker.  If you are, I like the ritzy itzy washable breast pads if the leakage isn’t much.. the material on the flip side helps it from sliding around.  Early days may be heavier leakage so I found putting a rag in my bra the most effective.

A pump – There are always used ones people are looking to get rid of that will save you some money. This is an after baby arrives purchase because you don’t know if you will be needing one necessarily.  If you do get one for the sake of regular pumping, double electric is the easiest. Both breasts can let down at the same time and if you cut some holes in an old sports bra you can even go hands free (helpful for massage to get the most milk out).



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